shopping for baby.


here are a couple (okay, my mistake - A LOT) of things that need to be prepared before baby (aka pipit) arrives:
baby crib/playpen, bassinet (or both if you have money to spend)
baby tub (and what goes with it like cloth/ sponge tub supporters & seaters)
baby seater or bouncer
diaper changing table (some cribs have diaper changers attached to them)
baby mattress
diaper pail
dresser for clothing storage


fitted crib sheets (a couple of them, since babies are pee machines)
waterproof pads (can also be used for diaper changing)
comforter sets/extra sheets (to cover the waterproof pads to allow air circulation)

studies have shown that babies don't need pillows or anything else in their crib as these extra things may be dangerous or may possibly suffocate them.


a couple of:

tees ( short & long sleeved: side ties, pull-overs, kimonos)
short sleeved onesies (i like these because they look like bathing suits)
rompers and body suits (for cold nights)
receiving blankets (also a couple as they can be used as towels)
cloth diapers (unfolded ones can double as burp cloths)
baby washcloths
socks, booties, mittens, hats


breast pump (if breast - feeding)
a lot of baby bottles
milk storage bottles or bags (some baby bottles come
with sealing discs and can double as storage bottles)
extra nipples for baby bottles
bottle brush
bottle sterilizer (some sterilizers double as drying racks and bottle keepers)
drying rack
bottle keepers/containers
nursing bra, breast pads & lanolin cream (not for baby. haha)


disposable/cloth diapers
diaper pail
changing pads
wet wipes
baby wash
rash cream/petroleum jelly
cotton pads, cotton buds


first aid kit (includes medicine feeders, thermometer, nasal aspirators etc2)
baby sling/carrier

well, these are probably the basic things one would need for a newborn. and it's weird because i'm in my eight month already (33 weeks) but i only have the layette part complete oh. the feeding items too, but they wont be here by mid - September pa because they're coming from america pa (from bear's sis and some that i ordered online). i have parts of the diaper/wash items covered (ordered baby wipes and disposable diapers in bulk) already. but other than those, i'm still not ready.

well, i would love to buy baby's mattress and sheets already but i still don't know the color of the crib. and since i'm being my usual arte and kikay self, i'd like to wait until we have Pipit's crib so that i can match the sheets with the crib color. not that the baby really cares.

oh, well. i still have seven weeks. or five. or nine. whichever. =)

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