The Bad OB Experience


Lesson in life. Never settle for an ordinary OB. No, I don't mean that your OB has to be the best one available and that you have to book three weeks in advance for your check up. What I mean is that you should be comfortable with your OB. I don't know if it rarely happens to other people but my OB and I had a falling out. She wasn't really like the OB - Gyne of my choice, because when we first knew that I was pregnant, we went directly to the first OB available.

Anyway, back to her. We had a falling out. You see, when I was eight months on the way we talked about the possible amount we were expecting to pay for a normal delivery. We told her we wanted to save, so we didn't mind if it was the smallest private room available as long as it was private. So she quoted an amount for us to prepare, and that was fine with us because it was still within our budget. After two weeks (I was two weeks away from my due date already), I went back for my routine check up and issued an admitting note to me. I was shocked when I saw this written on the admitting note: "admit to ward". Then she even suggested (which was more like a it's-your-first-time-and-you'll-have-a-hard-time-because-giving-birth-is-painful-plus-your-stomach-is-awfully-big kind of suggestion) that I should have an epidural.

The thought of having an epidural was okay, but what didn't sit well with me was that the suggestion sounded like a threat, and that she didn't keep her word on the amount for delivery. Imagine, the next amount she quoted was twice the price of the original amount!

So after much contemplation, I decided (and it was a bit foolish, I admit) to change OBs 2 weeks before my due date.

It wasn't so much about the money. It was more about trusting your life to someone whom you could trust. And after that incident, I just felt that I couldn't do that with her.

glad to be back

I haven't found much time to blog right before and after I gave birth. Most specially after I gave birth. Hell, sometimes I don't even have time to take a five - minute shower. And when I do have the time, I'd just be downright exhausted. It takes a lot of getting used to, late night, poop wiping, baby handling - the like.

I've never really had that much experience. I was ten years old when my youngest brother was born, and he had a yaya (and two other house helps), so I really didn't care much and I don't have nieces or nephews. So I guess I had to start from scratch. Add the fact that my mom just visits every two weeks (she works in Davao), and that my baby doesn't have a yaya, let's just say that parenthood has been quite experimental. Lucky that I'm a big reader, so I spent my whole third trimester reading baby books, visiting baby sites, which in turn lead to me visiting baby products sites (where I found myself impulsively buying). But again, the fact is, I was completely clueless about the whole pregnancy, childbirth and baby care thing, but did what I had to - read.

So I've made it through the pregnancy and childbirth stage (thank God I didn't die..hehe). And when it comes to bringing up my baby, I think I'm faring pretty well.

I guess before I begin with everything there is with regards to mothering a kid, I'll probably start telling you about October 2 then.
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