Pasalubong - a common thing in Filipino culture, which is one way of showing thoughtfulness to family, friends or co workers by bringing or giving them treats. Pasalubongs are common especially if the giver has been away for a long while, but the word can apply to take home treats that parents bring to their kids after a day's work. It can basically apply to anything that's brought home and given to someone with love.

Going Back To School


I would like to take back what I said on my previous post about not going back to school this October. I will be going back to school, and I will be enrolling this Thursday. That's two days from now! :)

Can't wait, I am very excited. The last time I went to

On Baby Wipes

Ah, the ever indispensable wet wipes. I can't imagine how difficult a mother's life would be without them, and I show great respect to the millions of women today (and of the past as well) who have survived child - rearing without the help of these moistened (and sometimes scented) pieces of paper.

While I try as much as possible not to rely on wet wipes, there are just those days when poop - cleaning and neck/back/hand/feet wiping become awfully burgeoning tasks. I can't even bear to get up to take and moisten a piece of cotton or towelette with my ever trusty water sprayer. So, I take my wet wipes pack, open it, take a moist wipe and wipe away. Easy as that. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention how horrific it would be to change nappies in the mall restroom without them (que horror!)

In the short thirteen months of my daughter's life, I have tried more than ten types of wet wipes already, but I already have my favorite choices. Here's a review of some that I have tried (not necessarily my favorites - but just because I have photos of them!) Haha!

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