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I would like to take back what I said on my previous post about not going back to school this October. I will be going back to school, and I will be enrolling this Thursday. That's two days from now! :)

Can't wait, I am very excited. The last time I went to school was second semester of SY 2007 - 2008, which ended on March 2008. This means that I have been away from school for a total of two semesters and two summers. Whew. That's a long time.

I really want to go back to school because I just want to get it all over with. Now, tell me, with a full time job (writing), a starting business (diapers) and a one year old plus kid to take care of - will I be able to survive school?

I have no idea. But I like the prospect of me juggling all those things. Makes me feel like superwoman.

Good luck to me! And Xavier, good luck to you. I will be back with a vengeance, and with that, I mean good grades.



Just to show that I haven't been to school for quite a long while, I have just recently found out that Xavier has an Integrated Class Schedule.
Yeay XU! Should have done that a long time. How about online enrollment the next time around?


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HI Justine!! Kaorn pa ko ka-visit imo blog. haha
anyway, ive been reading that you write for a living.
well, heres something that might help you.
this expat named Tom needs someone who could write good english. i dont know what the exact job description is. email him and tell him i referred u ok..
hi email is : tjkeyes42@yahoo.com>

good luck!!!

Hi Ma'am Shal. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the info. :)I will send him a message.

Good luck sad to me. Thanks!

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