Pasalubong - a common thing in Filipino culture, which is one way of showing thoughtfulness to family, friends or co workers by bringing or giving them treats. Pasalubongs are common especially if the giver has been away for a long while, but the word can apply to take home treats that parents bring to their kids after a day's work. It can basically apply to anything that's brought home and given to someone with love.

Going Back To School


I would like to take back what I said on my previous post about not going back to school this October. I will be going back to school, and I will be enrolling this Thursday. That's two days from now! :)

Can't wait, I am very excited. The last time I went to

On Baby Wipes

Ah, the ever indispensable wet wipes. I can't imagine how difficult a mother's life would be without them, and I show great respect to the millions of women today (and of the past as well) who have survived child - rearing without the help of these moistened (and sometimes scented) pieces of paper.

While I try as much as possible not to rely on wet wipes, there are just those days when poop - cleaning and neck/back/hand/feet wiping become awfully burgeoning tasks. I can't even bear to get up to take and moisten a piece of cotton or towelette with my ever trusty water sprayer. So, I take my wet wipes pack, open it, take a moist wipe and wipe away. Easy as that. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention how horrific it would be to change nappies in the mall restroom without them (que horror!)

In the short thirteen months of my daughter's life, I have tried more than ten types of wet wipes already, but I already have my favorite choices. Here's a review of some that I have tried (not necessarily my favorites - but just because I have photos of them!) Haha!

Why Buy Expensive Baby Clothes..


when you can get nice clothes at..

Gaisano Carmen. LOL.

My relentless search for affordable baby clothes has led me to one of the places I would have never expected. Gaisano Carmen. Yes, of all places - Gaisano Carmen.I went there to get little angel figurines for my daughter's Christening give-aways.

But due to my curiousity, and again, my incessant search for cute baby apparel, I went up to their Children's section. I was amazed that there were some great choices, considering that I was in Carmen, after all.

Actually, I was eying on two dresses at Gingersnaps for Hillarie, and those would have set me back by about php1000 plus. I left Gaisano Carmen, however, with two new dresses that would have rivaled my branded choices, and I spent less than php500. With that amount, I was already able to put together Hillarie's christening outfit (headband and shoes included), and I was able to get the other dress as a present. Here's what I got:

Please excuse the shopping bag behind the dress. That was for a top I bought for Hillarie a couple of weeks back which cost three times the price of the dress. The other dress was a white sleeveless cotton dress. I decided on letting her use one instead of the usual Christening dress for babies. Christening gowns and Christenings at noon are never a good mix. The church provided a Christening robe for all of them anyway (thankfully, it was made of cotton, too!).

preggointhecity revamped

I've been having some free time on my hands lately (because I don't have articles to write, which basically renders me jobless). So I decided to pick up on where I left off with my blog, which I have tried to layout. I have been quite unsuccessful at my attempts, and this is due to a couple of reasons, the first of which is that I have no skills. Not that I'm a dunce and all - I just don't have the time to read instructional posts. Even when I have time, I'd rather spend it doing other useful things, such as arranging my daughter's clothes according to color and style, perhaps. Or sterilizing her bottles.

A couple of months back, I used this very basic template and just added another column for the extra widgets, courtesy of Last night however, I decided to change my template design, without saving a back-up of my old template. Then I decided I wanted the three column blog again, so I had to start from scratch and ended up with a left sidebar that wasn't functioning at all.

Good thing I woke up way ahead than my daughter - which means that I haven't had enough sleep. But, well, I figured out it would be a good time to spruce up my blog's template. I may not have originally thought of the design, but heck, at least I have myself a good (if not, acceptable) layout just in time before my daughter wakes up, which will probably be in just a couple of minutes.

Glad to be back - again.


I'm back from my hiatus from the blogging world. I haven't had time to write for myself lately. Not that I don't write - I actually churn out around 5000+ words a day for other people so that I can afford to buy the things that I want to, and the things that I have to.

Sad to say, I haven't been able to save up money lately. Don't remind me, I spent bucks on Hillarie's christening last September 20, and spent twice that on her birthday on October 2!

I've been spending cash here and there on food, my daughter's needs, my needs, my wants and almost every other whim that comes out out of the blue. Two months back, I even ordered three thousand pieces of diapers, half of those I haven't been able to dispose of yet. Well - if they don't sell, my daughter can always use them. On a side note, you can check out the diapers HERE.

Going back to money matters - I won't be going back to school this October because I need to double up on my writing work (so please if you are a buyer and you need writing jobs, hire me on Elance! LOL), fix up our Diaper business and get the Fried Chicken business up and running - again. Which reminds me, we need to have our stalls made and our tarpaulins printed. But that's another story.

Going back to my budget. I need to keep money for a lot of things, and these are:
  1. College money. (I have one more year left in college, haha, I wish.)
  2. Hillarie's Needs (Believe me, when you add milk, diapers, allowance for medication, vitamins, meals and snacks, toys, doctor's visit, clothes and other stuff together - Hillarie's needs sums up to A LOT)
  3. My Needs (Well, I basically live with my parents and do the budgeting and groceries for the house since both my parents work out of town, but still - I have my special needs like My Local Obagi Set, my shoes, my tops, jeans, affordable designer bags and more.)
  4. Three separate savings account. One is an ordinary savings account. For ordinary things. The next is an emergency account, which is for - you guessed it - emergencies. The last one is for Hillarie.
  5. Hillarie's yaya. Yes, I have to pay for her nanny. With my parents paying the salaries of two house helpers, I don't think they'll want to bear the brunt of my daughter's nanny's salary.
  6. My everyday needs, which I call my allowance. Of course, there are instances when I need to get my daily fill of ice cold coke or eat some bibingka or banana cue. There are also days when I need my fill of fast food or times when I just need to get out of the house.
  7. Extra money for the house. Well, just because. My parents pay for the bills and all, but I just feel like helping out in the house. Sometimes my help comes in the form of Ice cream or cake! LOL
When you think about it, that's already a long list - and that doesn't even include the rent, the utility bills and food (which will evidently be on my list in the future, after we move out from my parent's home). It doesn't include school bills as well, as my baby is still a year old.

So I'm not complaining just yet. A lot of people have longer lists to deal with than what I have. So for now I'll just keep on writing. And writing some more. And sell diapers. And chicken. Fried chicken. And what else - click ads? Write reviews? As long as it's for money, I might try those out.

Maybe, as soon as I find time.
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