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My relentless quest for natural & organic products initially led me to, where they sold baby bath and skin product made up of natural and organic ingredients (yep, no parabens, ptalathes, petroleum, mineral oil and other synthetic chemicals). I bought some stuff for baby. But I wanted more ;P, so I led myself (after typing "organic products" on multiply's search engine and going through the results) to and it's sister site,

Where do I start raving? Well, has product line great enough to rival that of indigobaby's (yes, their site is indigomanila but their product line is indigobaby). They only have bath salts, baby oil and baby lotion though. I just love the fact that they use VCO as their base.

Since I already have bath soaps and lotions for Hill, I ordered oneplanetnoah's Oasis Soothing Baby Oil. She has plenty of baby oils already, three variants of Johnson & Johnsons and a Baby Spa VCO, but I wanted to try this one because it looked promising. It's made from the best botanical oils out there - VCO, olive oil, grapeseed oil avocado oil, with these additions: colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera extract, calendula extract, chamomile and lavender. And I quote the blahblahs written on the bottle "recommended for dry, inflamed or itchy skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, cradle cap, diaper rash, insect bites and scars.

The sister site, has plenty of essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, patchouli..more!) and base oils that it release the chemist in me! I'm a big fan of Virgin Coconut Oil. I sometimes find it irritating how VCO can be so expensive when sold commercialy when the raw materials can be found anywhere (and I do believe . Finally, botanyworks gave me the solution. Imagine, their 500ml bottle of food-grade VCO was only 150 pesos! I ordered one and a 5ml bottle of peppermint essential oil. I wanted to buy their Aloe Vera Gel but had no more money to spare. Maybe next time. Huhu.

Botanyworks and oneplanetnoah do combine shipping, so I placed my orders, paid for them and got them two days after. Here they are..

SoooOo happy. Product reviews next time!


Here's a random text message exchange by me and my mom:

Mom: I'm on the plane to Cebu. Text you when I get there.

Mom (two minutes after the first message): If anything should happen to me, my account number is #########.

Me: Why? What's wrong? What do you mean "if anything should happen to you"?

Mom: Very old man gud ang airplane, basin ma Hudson River.

Me (actually very worried): Ay! You get down and ride something else!

I can't. It's flying and I'm actually on it na.


Never in my life have I heard my mom say anything that before. And to think she's a frequent flier (I suppose I can give a rough estimate of around eight flights a month) and has even seen one engine of the twelve-seater plane she was riding to Sulu burst while they were 30000 above the ground (she and her officemate just stared at it with deadpan expressions saying, "Hala. Na sunog lagi.")

Knowing her, I guess the plane must have been RRREEEEAAAALLLLYYYY OOOLLLDDD to have caused such reaction.
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