Why Buy Expensive Baby Clothes..


when you can get nice clothes at..

Gaisano Carmen. LOL.

My relentless search for affordable baby clothes has led me to one of the places I would have never expected. Gaisano Carmen. Yes, of all places - Gaisano Carmen.I went there to get little angel figurines for my daughter's Christening give-aways.

But due to my curiousity, and again, my incessant search for cute baby apparel, I went up to their Children's section. I was amazed that there were some great choices, considering that I was in Carmen, after all.

Actually, I was eying on two dresses at Gingersnaps for Hillarie, and those would have set me back by about php1000 plus. I left Gaisano Carmen, however, with two new dresses that would have rivaled my branded choices, and I spent less than php500. With that amount, I was already able to put together Hillarie's christening outfit (headband and shoes included), and I was able to get the other dress as a present. Here's what I got:

Please excuse the shopping bag behind the dress. That was for a top I bought for Hillarie a couple of weeks back which cost three times the price of the dress. The other dress was a white sleeveless cotton dress. I decided on letting her use one instead of the usual Christening dress for babies. Christening gowns and Christenings at noon are never a good mix. The church provided a Christening robe for all of them anyway (thankfully, it was made of cotton, too!).


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Correct sis, it does not need to be expensive, basta madunong ka lang magscout ng quality at comfy....madalas ang binabayaran lang yung brand...nice dress sis Good buy

Certainly. There are lots of clothes out there that are guaranteed high in quality but of low cost.

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