baby shower for pipit star


thanks to everyone who came for pipit star's baby shower (and my b-day at the same time).
pictures will be uploaded soon. =)

GirLy Boi


see. i always felt Pipit Star was a girl.

not that i really prayed hard for my baby to be a girl. having a baby boi or a baby girl didn't matter as long as she/he was healthy. well guess what? she's a she! (funny sounding sentence.)

we went to the doctor this afternoon, and since pipit star was already 28 weeks (7 months), it was the right time to know if the baby was a girl or a boy (we had two previous ultrasounds na, for various reasons at 2months and 5months).


well, bear and i waited for almost an hour (madonna hospital only has one radiologist - but believe me, the doctor was very great & accommodating so it was worth the wait) before it was our turn, so this is what we did to pass the time. -->

hehehehe. we had the normal ultrasound, not the 3d/4d whatever you call that. anyway, our turn came and pipit star refused to cooperate. her position kasi was breech and her legs were in my pelvic area, so they were pressed together. because of that, the doctor had a hard time telling whether pipit was a girl or a boy.

after over fifteen minutes, unsuccessful pa rin, so the doctor told me to take a walk outside. which we did. finally when we came back pipit decided to cooperate. and so we found out.

it's a GIRL!

i found i found!!!


bear (little angel's dad) and i hung out, window shopped and had dinner at limketkai yesterday (you can actually include DID PRENATAL WALKING in the itinerary.) we were just going around, looking at some stuff when we decided to go to that toy store behind robinson's sOooOO much and made my heart jump.

the store sell playtex ventaire bottles!!!! (read my previous posts.) i may sound crazy, and yes but i have been eyeing on them for months, never mind the facts that i can't actually afford them. but they look so cute. they have this ventaire system (which makes it anti- colic), and they're bpa free. okay, so let me get this straight. avent bottles also have those features, but taking bottle design and look into consideration, these babies are waaaay more fashionable (see picture above.) bear even agrees.

bottles in threes. they're sold individually, or by five (which is called a starter pack.) i saw pink, green, blue and purple. i guess they used to be available in SM but SM phased them out, and that broke my heart. so it's really great that they're still available locally. the only downside is that they don't sell the ventairei'll wait for awhile, maybe they'll have boxes of threes.

well, if anything else, they're still available (AT A LOWER PRICE) from two manila based merchant sites and (they ship orders too). so there. =)
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